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BETT 2010

Had a very tiring yet enjoyable day at BETT yesterday, certainly far more entertaining & worthwhile than in previous years, and it was really lovely to catch up with so many people.

I was lucky to be involved in TeachMeetTakeover and, despite being very nervous & having an embarrassing timing mess-up, enjoyed giving my presentation at the very professional-looking Scholastic stand. So thanks to @chrisrat, @stuartridout and @tombarrett in particular, but to all who came to watch and were very supportive. Here is the prezi I used.

I was also lucky enough to be able to contribute to the discussion on the Open Source Schools stand and had a very interesting converstation with Miles Berry and Dai Barnes regarding the use of Alice and Scratch in the classroom.

I wasn’t that inspired by the stands at BETT, although I thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration from 2simple of their 2Create a Superstory. Although I can’t use it to teach myself as a secondary teacher, I think it bodes well in terms of the skills and concepts pupils will develop at an early age. My son tells me we’re going to be creating a story about the journey of the pilgrim fathers with our trial copy!

Although I wasn’t able to go to TMBETT2010 in the evening, it’s been great catching up with it today via @eyebeam’s stream and the flash meeting. I look forward to some more inspiration!

Countdown to BETT

Having submitted my latest Masters’ assignment this morning, I’m allowing myself to start thinking about BETT2010 now and finding myself rather more excited than in previous years.

I hope BETT itself will hopefully be interesting and informative; I’m certainly looking forward to visiting some of the stands and workshops (I’ll be making a bee-line for the playful learning and the Open Source Schools areas), and I would really have liked to have seen some of the seminars, not least Ollie Bray’s Computer Games Based learning seminar on Thursday.

However, for me it’s the ‘extra’ events that are actually the main attractions this year. I’m really quite excited about what’s going to happen at Tedx Orenda, Amplified and TeachMeet BETT in the next three days and it will probably take me a year to work my way though all the excellent ideas that come out of these meetings. Although I won’t be able to be there in person, I look forward to catching up on online.

One event I’m thrilled to be a part of is the TeachMeet-Takeover and despite being rather nervous about my slot on Friday, I’m looking forward to listening to the other talks and catching up with lots of people – do make sure you say hello!