3 Reasons Taking Risks Makes You Happy


Depending on your perspective, risk taking may be something you’re familiar and happy with, or something you balk at. Our personalities, circumstances and life phase sets our attitude to risk and whether we are likely to take a risk. Of course it also depends on what the risk is.

So, what are ‘risks’?
There are many possible ‘risks’ we encounter in our lives; the risks we’re talking about here are not destructive or reckless risk-taking behaviours that are dangerous to your own or anyone else’s well-being; rather they are the roads that appear before us and that we ‘could’ travel down or the risks that we ‘could’ take to follow our dreams – if we just weren’t so fearful / comfortable / secure / stuck. Risks are about making your ideas and dreams into a plan and then a reality.

It could be changing career path from a field in which you are well-established but feel it is not fulfilling you as much as it once did to a new one that you feel more passionate about, or even just moving jobs within the same field. It could be finally trying a new activity that you’ve been wanting to for ages but have been putting off, or travelling somewhere new, perhaps on your own.

Essentially, risks are about putting yourself out there, taking the plunge and going for it!

Depending on your outlook, the risks we mean here are either the secret keys to life’s big adventure, or they are to be avoided as they rock your serene boat way too much. So why should you take risks in life – and how can they make you happier?

  1. Taking calculated risks widens your perspective

If you always do the same thing, with the same people and in the same places, over time your viewpoint may narrow. Going to different places, meeting different people and trying new things means you find out different perspectives and ways of doing things.

Dislike your boss? Well, a new one might be better – ok, they could be worse too, but they’ll be different and you’ll certainly learn things along the way. Always go to the same coffee shops? Well, how about you try a different place? You might find much cooler, funkier places to work where you’ll meet some great people who’ll become your friends (I’m writing this in one of my very favourite coffee shops that I didn’t know existed this time last year).

Fancy visiting a new place but not sure what it’ll be like travelling on your own? Well get the guide books out, ask around and book those tickets! This was also me last summer…and while I can’t guarantee you’ll have the time of your life – you might (I did!) and you’ll definitely broaden your perspective about the world. There’s nothing like travel to make you see your life in a very different light.

  1. Taking even small risks increases your confidence and takes you closer to being the real ‘you’.

Many of us have blips in our self-confidence throughout our lives for one reason or another. At those times it’s tempting to hide away from the world and retreat. While this can help us feel safe for a little while, if it goes on too long, it can be an ever-decreasing circle. If you can put yourself out there and push your boundaries even in very small ways, you can find out new things about yourself, for example what you like and dislike, how you want to live your life, and very definitely what makes you happy.

For example, when I first started lifting weights in the gym (and it took me a while of watching others do it to pluck up the courage), I felt extremely self-conscious. However, I got myself a personal training session, got past the awkwardness and now it’s an essential part of my daily routine. And when I fell off the horse due to illness, I missed it terribly. I realised it makes me happy – I like the changes it’s made to my body, my mind and confidence. There’s something about being stronger that makes you feel stronger in every area of your life. Liking and believing in yourself really is one of the true keys to happiness and being quietly confident about who you are brings a great sense of peace and clarity to your life.

  1. Helps you find your purpose in life

I’m a big fan of positive psychology and according to positive psychology studies – and many other philosophies and religions – living a meaningful and purposeful life is one of the keys to happiness.

Meaning and purpose of course mean different things to us all. It may be finding your ‘calling’ in your job, home life or community. It could be from the way you choose to live your life and in your interactions with others. Often people find their purpose in giving or contributing to others in some way and there is a lot of evidence that can make a positive difference to how happy you feel.

Why-risks-make-you-happy-pupI’ll write another time about my experience of socialising a hearing dog puppy, and I wouldn’t say that training dogs is my calling in life, but certainly it’s helped to give it a little boost of purpose and meaning at a time I was feeling a bit lost and I do feel that I feel I have found my ‘true calling’ recently…so perhaps it’s no coincidence!

It was a risk to me taking on a hearing dog pup – could I fit it into my already busy life? How will we all be when the pup has to go on to the next stage of training? (easy answer = sad but very proud!). BUT, it’s a small risk I’m so glad that I have taken. I’ve met so many lovely people and learnt so much as a result of having her (and she makes me beam with happiness every single morning when she wakes up with the waggiest tail and backside I have ever seen, so that in itself makes me happy!).

On a professional note, it was a huge risk when 6 years ago I left the security of teaching to start my own training company. I’ve been freelance for that length of time and while at times I’ve really missed teaching pupils, I have learnt SO much, had so many different experiences and been able to become involved in many different projects because I am not a classroom teacher. So, yes, a big risk, but those of us who are entrepreneurs, being ready and willing to jump is part of the deal.

Indeed, I’ve just given up the security of a lovely consultancy role which I really enjoyed but needed a bit much travelling for my wellbeing and I’ve decided to fully pursue a new EdTech startup I’ve been toying with for a while, which fits with the purpose I feel I’ve found in my life (I’ll share more details soon!) Scary yes, but I also know from experience it will make me healthier and happier!

So, there you go, 3 reasons risks can make you happier. What risk could you take today?



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