[6] Understanding Anxiety: The Negativity Bias


In this episode we look at the negativity bias, or our brain’s natural tendency to focus on the negative aspects of life. We look in more detail at what it is, where it has come from and how it can lead to anxiety.

We also look at the ways in which we can counter-balance this natural cognitive bias, firstly by noticing how it looks for you and then by taking time to really notice and take in the positive experiences in our lives. I take you through an exercise developed by Rick Hanson designed to help you ‘take in the good’ which can, over time, help to address the negativity bias in the brain.

I hope you enjoy the episode!  If you have any questions, do get in touch by emailing me at zoe@zoeross.com or messaging me @psychologyzoe on Twitter.


In the episode I discuss a thought observation sheet first used in episode 3 which you can download by clicking here.

Rick Hanson’s YouTube Channel 

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