[4] Mindful Breathing Exercise


This short mindful breathing exercise is designed to help you begin to observe your thoughts and thinking, as discussed in the previous episode about how thoughts and thinking patterns can lead to anxiety.

It is a good introduction to the techniques used in ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), discussed in episode 3.

It is useful for everyone, though particularly helpful if you are dealing with anxiety, or an overly stressed and busy mind. It will also help you to get in touch with your breath and body in the present moment.

It’s a good first step to learning to observe your mind, understanding that you are not your thoughts and gently bring your focus back to where you want it to be.

It can also be very relaxing and only lasts 4 minutes long, so you should easily be able to fit it into your day. Do be gentle with yourself if your mind wanders – it is perfectly normal! And remember, practice makes perfect!

I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful.

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