Natural Healing for Headaches
11 Apr 2018

Natural Healing for Headaches

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When the misery of headaches sets in the first thing we are conditioned to do is take to aspirin and in some instances called the doctor in the morning as the old saying goes. But for your next headaches episode why not try something in the way of alternative medicine and all natural to elevate the pain, misery and suffering.

Even when using a natural source for your headache relief requires getting the right doses to ensure the natural remedies effectiveness. Some experts even suggest that you formulate a running diary to help you gauge the intensity of the headache to match natural remedies for maximum effectiveness.

Determine daily or over the course of your headache suffering then decide whether or not the headache pain is mild, intense, or serve. This is always a great method to use when logging or updating your diary entries.

Also, keep notation of the foods you are eating during your headaches bouts as some headache pains can be affected for the better with certain food items introduced or eliminated altogether. Many foods are also known to kick off massive head pain without out fail. When you are able to identify these particular foods you can eliminate the frequency, severity and degree of your head pain over time. Getting to the route of what causes your headache pain is often the best form of natural headache remedy there is.


Looking at the effect or lack thereof that diary product are having on your system is another good place to get start. If giving up or reducing your daily diary intake is possibly then that would be on option to determine the effects or source of headache pain. Finding an alternative approach to headaches pain relief begins with finding the source of the pain and eliminating the ill effects that lead to the headache pain. For woman if headaches can be increased with contraceptive or hormone replacement medication.

A list of foods that you may want to avoid as they are known for causing or triggering headaches of various degrees include foods containing nitrites and sulfites. Both nitrites and sulfites have the ability to dilate capillaries in the brain. When the capillaries dilate in the brain the end result is an increased blood flow and head pain. Foods that can trigger headaches are meat products, caffeine, some chocolates and red wine.

Ginger is a miracle healer that can be used to elevated nausea which sometimes accompanies headaches. It is also great for headaches as well as treating nausea.


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