9 Jan 2019

Hair Care for Kids: Mom Tested Tips for Brushing, Combing and Detangling Your Child’s Hair

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Keeping your child’s hair neat is important to keeping it healthy and manageable. How can parents ensure that their child’s hair is neat and healthy? Keep your child’s hair in tip top shape with these easy mom tested tips.

Combing and Brushing Your Child’s Hair
It really doesn’t matter if you use a brush or a comb for your child’s hair. If you prefer a comb, a wide toothed comb works well for kids. If you use a brush, make sure it has stiff bristles or teeth so that you are able to effectively get the tangles out. I have had good results detangling my children’s hair using a comb and then switching to a brush for styling.

When combing or brushing your child’s hair, the goal is to be gentle and comb just until the tangles are gone. Take care not to over brush your child’s hair. Over brushing can cause the sebaceous glands in the scalp to become over stimulated and leave hair looking and feeling greasy.

If your child’s hair is wet, always use a comb to prevent breakage. Never leave wet tangled hair uncombed to dry. The tangles will be much more difficult to remove and will be much more painful. If you are dry combing your child’s hair, use a spray bottle filled with water to dampen hair. This will make it easier to comb and style. Consider purchasing your child their own hair care tools. This will help them to take ownership and pride in properly caring for their hair. Teach them how to properly use their hair care tools and how to keep them clean.

Teach your child how to properly brush their hair. Even if you style your child’s hair, they should be practicing brushing their own hair by age four.

Dealing with Tangles
Managing tangled hair is a daily task for most parents. Make sure your child’s hair gets combed every day. In fact, I comb my toddler’s hair a few times a day. When you see that it is getting messy or tangled, break out the brush. This will help prevent excessive tangles from developing, especially in fine hair that mattes easily. Remember, it is always easier to prevent tangles than it is to try and get rid of them.

The best time for detangling your child’s hair is after washing, while the hair is still wet. Curly or easily tangled hair can benefit from a few sprays of leave in conditioner or detangler before combing.

Removing tangles from hair can be extremely painful for children, causing tearful battles. To make detangling less painful for your child, hold a small section of hair tight as you gently comb out the tangles with a wide toothed comb. Start at the bottom of your child’s hair and work your way to the top. Stubborn knots are easier to remove when spritzed with a detangler before combing them. To prevent the morning tangles, braid your child’s hair before bed. This will prevent their hair from becoming a tangled mess as they sleep and also adds a nice wave.

Mom Tested Children’s Detangler Recommendation: L’Oreal Kids Tangle Tamer Spray in Burst of Sweet Pear scent works great for my two toddler girls. It has a pleasant pear scent, is tear free and works quickly and easily on stubborn tangles.

Make a Game of Hair Care
Most kids really aren’t fans of getting their hair combed or detangled. Since avoiding hair maintenance is really not an option, why not make a game of it. Have your child choose their favorite doll or stuffed animal. Give them their own comb or brush and have them groom their toy as you groom them. This is a great way to distract kids and helps the whole process go quickly and smoothly.

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