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Wellbeing Wonder Number 3: Meditate #mhaw17


Today’s wellbeing wonder is a big one for me and has definitely changed my life. Every morning the first thing I do is meditate. Just for 10-15 minutes and it’s the best habit I have.

Why mediate?

It’s not woo-woo, it’s science – honest! There is much evidence that meditation can have a significant impact on stress levels and actually changes the brain. The silicon valley set (in my spiritual Californian home) are all over meditation, understanding the many benefits it brings to introvert technology types and driven founders alike. It has certainly helped me to feel calmer and deal with life’s ups and downs and the feelings of anxiety that arise during stressful times.

How to meditate?

Meditation is ridiculously simple and very hard at the same time! It’s like trying to tame a cute little puppy. Sometimes the mind is willing to be still and do as you ask and then just when you think you are making great progress, it refuses to come when its called and is causing mayhem all over the place. But you learn that both are ok. It’s all part of the process, and, as with exercise, consistent persistence is the key. Some days are easier than others, but all days can be meditation days.

How to get started with meditation?

The easiest way is to download an app. I used headspace for a long time and it’s a really great way to learn the basics and beyond. There are 10 free sessions and then £45 (or less if you have a friend who uses it and can give you a code) buys you access to more meditation packs than you can shake a stick at. It’s a beautifully simple app and Andy Puddicombe, the co-founder talks you through it. His ted talk is worth a watch too about the benefits of mindful meditation. Highly recommended and the woo-woo factor of headspace is low 🙂

There is also the Calm app, which again offers some meditation for free and has a variety of music and backgrounds to choose from. Birdsong or a crackling fire anyone? It features a lovely, soft and gentle female voice guiding you through and offers a good variety of meditations to try. Woo-woo factor is low to medium

I’ve recently been using insight timer, which gives lots of flexibility for whether you want to have a guided meditation (and there are lots to choose from) or just meditate by yourself with some timing guidance. I like it, although the quality of the guided meditations does vary a little (and there’s something ironic about getting annoyed because the meditation you’re listening to is a bit rubbish!). Woo-woo factor is medium to high depending on your choice of meditation! 🙂

There are also plenty of free guided meditations on YouTube and podcasts, so there are plenty to try.

You can of course forget about having a guided meditation and just simply meditate. Focussing on your breath is a good place to start or you can try a mindful bodyscan like this one I made for Mind Moose last week. Plenty of folks reporting that they found it relaxing and so have their children, so worth a go if you’re feeling a bit stressed!

I would say that you need to give meditation a try for at least a couple of weeks or ideally a month to see how you feel at the end. In my opinion, it really is worth 10 minutes of your day and a real wellbeing wonder.