Alternatives to Botox
30 Apr 2018

Alternatives to Botox

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Botox is an invasive cosmetic treatment used to treat wrinkles resulting from natural aging. But how can this treatment be any good for the body, especially considering that it’s made of the same bacteria that cause botulism. Moreover, think about the idea of this live bacteria moving around under your skin as it migrates to the treatment areas. And, even though the actual treatment takes little time to be performed, the resulting pain and side effects can last for weeks. How the FDA actually approved this treatment is anyone’s guess.

Every invasive wrinkle treatment involves recovery time, whether that be Botox treatment, laser treatment, or micro-abrasion treatment. Laser treatment, for example, leaves the skin burned, much like sunburn, but much worse. If you have ever experienced sunburn then you should have some idea. But add a little more sun exposure to existing sunburn and that will give you an even better idea of laser treatment. Imagine walking around for a couple of weeks looking the color of a tomato.

upset-after-skin-treatmentMicro-abrasion treatment is like having steel wool or sandpaper grinding over your skin to remove wrinkles. If the thought of this is not enough to discourage you from seeking micro-abrasion treatments, then perhaps the pain you suffer while recovering will. Imagine a serious rug burn. The area of the rug burn is tender and painful for quite a few days afterwards. The immediate result of micro-abrasion treatment is similar to that, except the tenderness and pain is over a larger area and on your face. Ouch!

The biggest reason people look to non-invasive treatment is because there is nearly no side effects, as compared to the ones mentioned above. For example, natural facial creams have never been reported to cause allergic reactions, unlike Botox and other invasive treatments. All natural wrinkle creams are made from natural ingredients, most of which are from plants, plants roots, nuts, and fruits.

Another reason people with wrinkle problems use wrinkle creams is because of the anti-oxidant properties that are found in practically every one of the natuarl creams being produced. Oxidants can damage skin just like the sun does. Because most wrinkle creams are made from the earth’s organics they have beta carotene, vitamin E, and vitamin C in them, all of which are healthy for the body and the skin. Not one invasive treatment on the market today has any anti-oxidant fighting potential, because none of them contain the vitamins that the body needs to naturally improve itself.

There is also the convenience aspect regarding wrinkle creams as compared to all medical cosmetic treatments. Whenever you seek a medical treatment you must take time out of your schedule to go to the doctor’s office. In addition to this inconvenience there is also the issue of the recovery time involved. Wrinkle creams on the other hand can be applied at home and at your convenience.

And lastly, most people seek alternatives to invasive treatments because of costs. Invasive treatments are very expensive. They are so expensive that the average person can’t really afford them. Wrinkle creams, on the other hand, are more affordable, most of which can fit any budget.

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