About Me

About Me

Hi. My name is Zoe Ross – a mother and a granny to a 2 year old kid Madeline. Most of you would think that I’m on my old age. Hey wait! I’m just getting there.

I had my daughter named Elizabeth when I was a bit younger. And now that she is building a family of her own, I believe it is my responsibility to guide her the best I can. Same reason why I made this blog. Perhaps through my stories, I can get to help people who are struggling emotionally in a lot of things, especially on being a mom. It’s indeed the hardest yet most fulfilling job in the world! You can contact me if in case you need someone to listen and at least give my words of wisdom which I got through the years.

Do not hesitate to share my stories using your social platforms. I’ll be happy to influence more moms out there like you. A larger network means a larger topics to research on and blog about. Isn’t it more inspiring to know you have a wider audience to share your stories with? Cheers to a happy life!