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A Year in the life of DoDigital: Infographics

It’s coming up to the end of our first year of trading and so lots of talking, thinking and analysing of data has been going on (together with much tea drinking/cake eating).

Figures are all well and good, however I’ve found it much easier to use some very simple infographics to make some of the data easier to understand. The infographic below, for example, shows what projects we’ve worked on in our first year. You can see instantly that workshops have been our main focus, however there’s been lots of other work going on too! The infographics I’ve created have genuinely helped me with this important review and strategic planning process.

2010-11 Projects Infographic













If you’re interested in finding out more about infographics, and maybe creating your own, I’d recommend you head over to the wonderful ‘Information is Beautiful‘ website for starters and/or buy the gorgeous book. If you’d like to get a bit more technical, A Practical Guide to Designing with Data has some great ideas along with mathematical explanations (thanks to Dan Humpherson for the recommendation).

This recent blog post is also a useful starting point, as is the great blog post series of Data Reveals Stories from Ewan McIntosh (thanks to Oliver Quinlan for the recommendation). This Smashing magazine post gives a range of infographic resources.

Infographics can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, from a simple word cloud, to a complex graphic. I ended up creating mine using simple drawing software, however IBM’s free set of data visualisation tools, Many Eyes, is a great place to start creating your own!